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Can My Dog Give Me A Tax Break?

According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent $58.5 billion on their pets in 2014. With this staggering number come questions such as “Can I claim Fido on my income tax forms?” As much as your dog is dependent on you, the IRS makes no allowance for them to be a dependent on tax forms.
However, here are seven ways that dog
owners may be able to claim deductions this year:
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Baby w dog and door feature

The Dependence of a Dog

“In an inexplicable way dogs
make the world more beautiful,
the future more hopeful,
and us a little more human.”

Dogs continually need our attention. They are dependent upon us for their wellbeing.
We make sure that they have food to eat, water to drink and a warm place to sleep. And when they become sick, it is up to us to see that they get the medical care that they need. They look to us for everything — even to open the door when they feel the need to go outside — which is often.
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beneful dog food

Is Beneful Dog Food Killing Your Dog?

In a recent class action lawsuit against Nestle Purina PetCare, the company which produces the popular dog food Beneful, the plaintiff attributes the death and sickness of his three dogs to the dog food. He’s not the only one. In the past four years, over 3,000 people have made complaints online about their dogs becoming ill or dying. So is the popular dog food Beneful killing your dog? Continue Reading » »