Trick #13 - Teaching Your Dog Bring It

Posted by on July, 2007

Teaching Your Dog Bring It

Difficulty: Easy
Prerequisite: Take It
Items Needed: Clicker, Treats, Toy

Bring it is a staple for dog training which we'll use to build other tricks upon. For example, after you teach your dog bring it, it will be easy to teach him to fetch, bring his dish or leash, or teach funnier tricks like Bring me a Drink (Trick #46) or Get me a tissue! (Trick #47).

Step 1: Tell your dog to get a toy by using the "Take It" command.
Step 2: Encourage your dog to come towards you with the toy. Click and treat if he brings it towards you a few steps. Do this a few times.
Step 3: Keep encouraging him to come nearer to you with the toy. Click and treat when he comes to you with the toy.
Step 4: Repeat these steps until your dog brings the toy to you each time without much prompting. Use the command "Bring it!" as you teach.
Step 5: Put the toy on the ground and walk across the room. Say, "Take it" and "Bring it!" If your dog obeys, click and give him a jackpot!


I put Caspian's toy on the floor, saying, "Take it!" He grabs it and looks at me. I pat my leg to encourage him to come to me. Immediately, he takes several steps toward me. I click and treat. We do this several times; each time Caspian gets closer to me. One time he comes to me without the toy - I ignore him. Now he is bringing me the toy every time. I click and treat, saying "Bring it" when he comes with the toy. Soon Caspian was able to understand my command and bring me the toy whenever I asked him to.


He'll come to me just fine, but without the toy!
Don't click and treat when he comes to you without the toy - that's not what you're trying to teach. Be kind, but tough! Begin by clicking if he moves towards your direction with the toy in his mouth. Soon your dog will understand he has to bring it to you!

Tip: "Practice with different objects in different rooms, and have other people help you out by giving your dog the command themselves!"

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