Does The FURminator Really Work?

by: Lianna B. Jones

Labradoodles don't shed, because of their poodle father. Or so we thought. When we got our Labradoodle, we kept noticing small clumps of hair in the corners and under cabinets and in every nook and cranny you could find. We hoped it was just his coat changing and that, when he was older, the shedding woud cease. But, instead, the clumps got bigger. We needed something that would cause our dog to not shed as much.

We tried the combs that are cheap at the local supercenter or pet store. But, they didn't work and were painful. We considered buying the name-brand product, the "FURminator." They guarantee that your dog will have no knots, matting or under-coat after a good FURminating. The only problem: its cost. The FURminator products can cost up to $60.

So does the FURminator really work? And if so, is it worth it? That was exactly what our family asked. We decided to buy this product and try it, to see if it would work. Here's my thoughts on the FURminator, passed along to you.

Time To Buy

We bought our FURminator from Amazon. Since we have a large puppy, we bought the “Large yellow de-shedding tool with 4-inch edge,” which cost $34.74. (for small or medium dogs, there are small and medium FURminator tools. I find that Amazon is the best deal, who sells a small tool for $19.99, and a medium tool for $29.37.)

When I saw the item, I thought, “Surely this is going to hurt my dog,” for it looked like a little comb, with lots of sharp teeth.

We set to work on our knotted and matted up puppy. We had our dog, a 75 pound Labradoodle, jump up on the table on our deck and lay down. One person combed the canine’s hair while the other was there to hold him steady lest he yelp or bite at it, or worse yet, jump up and run.

We found that we didn’t need to hold the dog - actually, he enjoyed it immensely. It looked like he was laughing as he laid his head down on the table and his long tongue stuck to it. At one point, he rolled on his back and put his paws up as if to say, “You can do it on my tummy now,”


The most difficult knots and matting quickly and easily went away. I remembered using the cheap brush we got at the store, which looked a bit like the FURminator, and how long it took to get a nasty knot out. Plus, the Labradoodle hated it, and bit at the sore spots where it had hurt him. This brand was so much different!

FURminator Deshedding Tool

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It was a little bit windy that day, and as all of the extra knotted hair was removed from puppy’s fur, it blew away in the wind. Oh, there was so much hair! After everything was all finished, we had to sweep up all the hair that was still on the deck. Goodness knows where the rest of it went!

Puppy no longer looked like a straggly dog who appeared to have never been brushed in his life - He looked, well, handsome! Puppy’s fur was so soft after that - it was just like when we just got him.

We also found out that, after all of that unwanted fur was removed, some white fur showed underneath. This made us happy, because he had a lot of white when we bought him. And now, he was mostly light brown, or so we thought.

In the end, we found that we got our money’s worth out of the FURminator. A thirty-five-dollar-or-less grooming-tool can be used many times, and makes your dog feel well-groomed and happy.

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