Illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire terrier, as a rule, is frankly exhibited as a toy. This breed, too, claims to have had sporting instincts, but today he is an artificial creature, and, so far from being useful, practically requires a valet to keep his beautiful long, silken coat in order.

Special brushes are made for his benefit, special cosmetics are recommended for his hair, and very often he takes his meals with a mask on to keep his long whiskers out of his plate. Many owners go a step farther and put cotton or linen stockings on his hind feet to protect his precious coat when he scratches himself.

This little dog is virtually concealed by his long silky coat, which reaches to the ground. It is parted on his nose; the part extends uninterrupted to the root of the tail, which is of medium length, carried straight out.

He is in general a delicate refinement of the Skye, which he resembles strongly in conformation. His back must be level and straight and he must carry his head well up.

The standard dictates a very strict color scheme: the body from just back of the ears is all steel blue; the head and feet are all golden tan, the shorter hair of nose, ears, and feet being darker and richer, the long, flowing hair of crown, cheeks, and chest being dark at base, but growing steadily paler toward the extremities.

There are three classes, according tc weight; 5 pounds and under, 7 pounds and under, but over 5, and over 7 pounds.

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