Illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

West Highland Terrier

The West Highland white is almost the counterpart of the Scottish terrier except in color, which must be pure white, with black nose. The forehead is higher, and a distinct stop is evident in the profile. The coat is double, the long outer hair being very harsh and wiry, the under coat much shorter and softer.

The Cairn and Sealyham terriers are rapidly coming into popularity, and belong in this group. The Cairn terrier has less pronounced whiskers than the Scotty, and his coat is somewhat shorter and reveals his form rather more, while the Sealyham is quite different in that the ears, instead of beinor short and pointed, are quite lone1 and lop forward like an Airedale's. In color they are like the wire-haired fox terrier—white, with or without patches of black (or sandy red) on the face.

The Sealyham is supposed to have Dandie Dinmont in his make-up, which gives him substance and rather a more bandy-legged appearance than Scotty or his white cousin should have. The head, with its lopping ears and more pronounced stop, has a less piquant expression. The tail is docked and carried high.

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