Illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Welsh Terrier

The Welsh terrier may best and most briefly be described as a wire-haired fox terrier colored in general like an Airedale. This does not of course cover the liner points, but gives a general impression of his looks.

He is in every respect a true terrier, and closely resembles a diminutive Airedale. His color is very strictly dictated by the standard; he must have tan legs, belly, and head, with a black saddle, and black on the forehead and all around the neck. This is sometimes replaced by grizzled gray, but it is less typical and not as popular as the pure black and tan. Black on legs or feet is very bad.

Being a fine, sturdy, active and friendly little dog, the Welsh terrier is rapidly gaining popularity in this country, and the breed was represented in the 1918 Westminster show by a large entry.

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