Illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Skye Terrier

No doubt in his earlier days the Skye terrier was a good sport, but of late years he has given so much consideration to "dres<" that he has degenerated into a lap-dog. His coat is his chief title to distinction. The long hair covers this dog so completely as totally to conceal the physical characteristics it is supposed to possess. There are two types: those with pendent ears and those with upright "pricked" ears.

The dog himself is long and low, like the other Scotch terriers, and the hair, which parts from his nose to his tail, comes nearly or quite to the ground. This outer coat is quite hard and nearly straight, curls being a grave fault, though a moderate wave is generally present; it should be at least 5^2 inches long on the body, though shorter on the head. It falls forward and nearly conceals the eyes. The only visible feature of a good Skye is his black button of a nose. The undercoat is much softer and more sympathetic to the touch.

In color the Skye may be dark or light "blue" or gray, or fawn with black points. The height is about 9 inches and the weight 16 to 20 pounds.

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