Illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Scottish Terrier

Of very different appearance, but with the same stout heart, is the Scottish terrier, or "Scottie," as he is familiarly called—a shortlegged, stocky-bodied, wire-coated "tyke," who looks like nothing else in the world.

Of course, he hails from the Highlands of Scotland, where he is used to unearth foxes and other "varmints." His pluck has earned for him the soubriquet "die-hard," and usually he "lives" right up to it.

The "Scotty" is a "one-man dog." There is probably no dog more indifferent to the advances of any one but his own master or mistress. Mrs. Bayncs has a Scottish terrier named Heathcrbloom. The little tyke cares nothing for the other side of the Baynes household, and only in the absence of her mistress will she condescend to follow him. For her, other people do not exist, except as things to bark at sometimes. But to the one and only mistress she is loyalty itself.

If separated for five minutes, the little terrier greets her as if she had not seen her for months. And if Mrs. Baynes is ill, Heatherlong that it is not easy to see whether he is going or coming. And he can't tell you, for there is so much hair over his eyes that he can't see for himself.

His trustful eye, homely comeliness, and whimsical playfulness combine to endear the Scottish terrier strongly, and no dog is more companionable or unobtrusively affectionate. In these traits he is much like his rough little cousin, the West Highland white, from which, in fact, he differs in nothing so much as in the color of his coat.

The Scotty is usually black or very dark grizzled with yellowish tips, although steel or iron gray, brindle, sandy and wheaten specimens are occasionally seen. The dark dogs are much more popular here, however. A good dog should stand 10 to 12 inches and weigh 16 to 20 pounds.

The long-whiskered face; low, strong body; short, heavy legs, and rather heavy though gaily carried tail are all "earmarks" of the well-bred Scotty. He is all terrier, and with all his busy, active ways he combines a dignity and solemnity of manner that is very amusing.

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