Illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes


The pug was once a great favorite with those who like pet dogs, but he has long since been supplanted' by other and more attractive breeds.

Almost obsolete in America, at least, the pug is now most often encountered in his china image, which still graces the mantel in many a mid-Victorian home.

Mastiff colors characterize this curly tailed stocky, stiff-legged little, dog, "apricot fawn." with black face and ears being the invariable rule except for the all-black variety, which was never popular here. On fawn dogs, a black "trace" down the back is very greatly prized.

The face is very short and cobby, the chest wide, neck short and loose of skin, and the legs straight and well boned, but not too heavy. The eyes are set wide apart and quite low. They are rather full and prominent. The ears are small, thin, and soft, and the coat is short, fine, and hard. They are clean, companionable dogs, with a tendency to get fat, blind, and asthmatic as they get old.

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