Illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Brussels Griffon

The origin of the Brussels griffon is in doubt. Some authorities say that he really came from Brussels; others say that he originated in the coal mines of England. In any case, he is one of the funniest-looking dogs in the world, and has little to commend him to popular taste but his entirely bizarre appearance. His weight is below nine pounds, the best class having six pounds as a maximum. . The rather oversized round head is carried with an alert cockiness, and the perky expression is heightened by the bright, full, dark eyes. The muzzle is very short. The cars, if clipped, stand erect; if in their natural form they lop a little, being held semi-erect.

The most peculiar feature is perhaps the fringed beard, which gives the griffon a very human expression. The hair, red in color, is harsh and wiry. He should be a rather stockily built little1 animal, with straight, strong, though slender legs. He is a toy, pure and simple, however, and these qualities are rather the aim than the achievement of the breeders. In truth, he must, at present at least, be considered rather a grotesque, spindly little creature.

There is a smooth griffon and a larger "Brabanqon," but they have never become known in this country.

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