Illustration by Louis Agassiz Fuertes

Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is an American-made animal, whose bull and terrier ancestors came from England between 40 and 50 year's ago. Many of them settled in Boston, where they became so refined that in a few generations much of the bulldog was bred out of them.

When, about 180,1, their owners formed the American Bull Terrier Club of Boston and applied to the American Kennel Club for the registration of the breed, the application was refused on the ground that the dogs were no longer "bull" terriers.

It was suggested that the breed be named simply "Boston terrier." This suggestion was accepted, the club changed its name to the Boston Terrier Club, and the breed received full recognition in 180,3. Tt is said to be the most scrupulously courteous dog having any bulldogblood in his veins, and is generally recognized as the most conservative terrier in the world.

The Boston terrier is not as large as the bull terrier, weighing from 15 to 27 pounds, and being judged in three classes, according to weight. The most popular "middleweight" class is from 17 to 22 pounds. The ideal markings are brindle (dark preferred, some are almost black), with white muzzle, blaze, neck all round, chest and all or part of fore legs and hind legs below hocks. The coat is short, smooth, and bright. The ears are commonly trimmed.

The deformities of the bulldog are here happily lacking, and we have a bright, playful, courageous little dog that stands well over (not hangs between) his legs, which, while well apart, are not bowed nor bandied, but strong, fairly heavy in bone, and straight. The stifle, however, is well bent. He is all in all a very compact little dog. The tail, "screw" or straight, must be carried low.

The face is intelligent, rather square, the nose, while short, is not pushed in, and the jaws are even, broad, and fairly deep. He is in every sense a good practical dog.



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