The Good Training, The Bad Training, And The Treats

Posted by on September, 2007

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Dogs have been trained for thousands of years. From the ancient times, when dogs were used to pull heavy loads and kill game, to today's world, when they are used to assist those with physical handicaps and special needs, dogs have proved themselves smart enough to quickly learn new techniques, abilities and tricks. Therefore, it is worth the extra effort to teach your dog basic training habits and good behavior.

How do I know if I'm doing it right?

Good dog training is made up of dedication, positivity, and consistency. A dog can have an excellent mind, a submissive spirit and quick learning abilities and still be undisciplined because the owner lacks these three things in his training sessions. Before you teach your dog obedience, you must first train yourself.

In order to successfully teach your dog obedience, you must first have dedication. Taking the extra time to teach your dog as well as having the desire for a well trained dog is vital: it is impossible to teach your dog anything without this trait. You must truly care for your dog and want him to behave well.

Secondly, you need positivity. Yelling at your dog after you find out he's been in the trash will not help out matters. The deed is done; your dog won't remember what he's being yelled at for. Ignore bad behavior such as this and instead reward the things you want to see. The idea is that a dog who loves his owner will want his reward. He will look to see what he is being rewarded for and will seek to do those things rather than the things that are ignored. Eventually, his bad behavior will diminish and the good behavior will increase.

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When you reward your dog by treating, make sure you do it well. There are several ways to treat your dog. The most common way is by food treats, but you can also reward your dog with a walk, a game of fetch, a pat on the head, or a "Good Boy." Find out what works best for you and your dog in the various training scenarios you may find yourself in.

Finally, you must be consistent. If you have decided to ignore a certain behavior, then ignore it. Don't yell at him on the first day, ignore him on the second, and laugh at him on the third. Ignore him every day. The same goes for rewarding. In order for a dog to know what you want, he will need to observe you day to day. If your wishes change, there is no way for your dog to ever figure out what it is you want.

Dedication, positivity and consistency are the main stepping stones to good obedience training. Taking steps such as these will put you on the proper path towards a well trained dog.

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