Choosing The Best Food For Your Dog

Food, Shelter, and Care are the basic elements of living any creature strives to find. For the wild animals living in the jungle, they have to work a lot harder than their domesticated counterpart just to live. But for the dogs living with us in our own homes, they don't work much if at all for their food.

But you, the faithful owner, want to maximize your dog's lifestyle to the fullest, you want only the best for your dog. This naturally leads to the question, "What is the best kind of food for my dog?"

Different Kinds Of Diet For Different Kinds Of People

There are a lot of different diets you can use for your dog, mainly depending on what suits your needs rather than the dog's - because, usually, the dog simply doesn't care. These type of diets range from the "Natural" diet (raw meat) to the "Vegetarian" diet. Also, you have the choice of buying dog food, or baking it your self. As previously stated, the choice usually doesn't affect the dog very much, unless it's because of a health related problem (allergic to a certain food type). For example, a dog owner might put his/her dog on a vegetarian diet because they too are trying to stay away from meat, and don't want to see or smell any that might tempt them to "cheat."

Dry Food Could Be The Best

The Commercial Dry Kibbles is probably the most widely used source of food for dogs in the United States. Because it is really easy to use (just pick it up at the store, then pour into the dish), it has to be the most "User Friendly" way of feeding your dog. Contrary to what people might think, dogs usually will not "get tired" of the same staple every day. We have to remember, our dogs are dogs - not people. The downside to using Dry Dog food is that the cheap stuff is made up of material that don't quite make it through meat processing plants, and other animal by products that isn't good enough for humans to eat. However, the more expensive dog food has less by products, and more "real meat." If I have any say in this matter, I'm fine with letting my dog eat this, I'm sure it won't hurt him any. In fact, right now my dog is eating up its fourth bag of Purina Puppy chow (which has by products in its ingredients). While some people are fine with this, others are looking for an alternative - something that doesn't have any "fillers, by products, or additives." Some companies like Flint River Ranch and Wellness Pet Food offer "Human Grade" food for you dog, that doesn't have any grain fillers, or animal by products.

What About Raw Meat?

In an attempt to keep their dog for harm, some pet owners are now feeding their dog raw meat. This is to keep their pet far away from those nasty fillers they despise so much. They now rely on freeze dried food, or the Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods (B.A.R.F) diet.

Veggy Diet

Even though they are listed in the Carnivora Order (carnivores), Dogs can go on a Vegetarian diet. They will eat most vegetables and fruits (especially vegetables that have been cooked), although some foods like grapes, raisons, avocadoes, and chocolate are toxic to your dog, and can kill it. In order for the dog to get enough protein, milk, eggs, and other dairy products should also be included into the diet.

Your Decision

Whether you choose to use an "All Natural" diet, a "Veggie" diet, or the traditional dry dog food, the dog will be happy with whatever will fill his stomach. On the medical side, there's not much difference between the diets, as long as the dog doesn't eat too much and get fat. While there are more by-products in the dry food (which might not be too bad for the dog at all), there are more germs, and bacteria in the raw meat, and probably not enough protein in the veggie. Between the three, I would stick with the dry food, since I can't find much wrong with it, and it being the easiest (just pick it up at Wal-Mart). But for you and your needs, the choice is yours.

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