Things Your Dog Should Stay Away From

There are many different types of plants, items, and liquids that your dog should stay away from. Even many everyday household items are hazardous to your dogs health. For starters, don't let your dog chew or lick anything that doesn't "belong to him." For example, my dog naturally would like to chew on my shoes and my rug, but that's what his chew toys are for.

I stop him from eating up my rug because I don't want him chewing and licking up other types of foreign objects. Items like hairspray, deodorant, nail polish, soap, detergent, mothballs, lotion, and suntan lotion can all make your dog really sick.


Also keep your dog away from pennies. Sometimes pennies will fall out of your pocket onto the floor where little kids and pets can get to them. Because of the zinc found on the penny's surface, it will cause hemolytic anemia, killing your dog if ingested. Antifreeze is also a common cause of death in dogs. Because antifreeze is sweet to the taste, and is sometimes spilt, dogs will naturally congregate to the site of the spill and lick it up. Even once the spill is dry, some residue will still be present. If your dog lies down in that spot and gets the residue on his fur, he will try to lick it off. Antifreeze, snail poison, insect poison, and rat poison are all attractive to dogs. Any type of poison should be kept up high, way out of reach of pets, as well as children.


I discourage feeding your dog table food, as it can be bad for its digestive system. Also, foods like chocolate, onions, grapes, raisons, gum, sweeteners, sultanas, currants, and some types of nuts (like macadamia nuts) are all bad for your dogs health. It wasn't known until recently, but feeding your dog grapes and raisons cause kidney failure which can kill your dog. Chocolate is lethal to dogs because of the coco that's found in the sugary snack. As a result, white chocolate can be used on rare occasions as a special treat. Feeding your dog chocolate will make your dog very sick. Chocolate contains theobromine which is lethal to dogs. A dog will eat a little bit of chocolate without any noticeable affect. But once the dog has that taste in his mouth, he will want more. Theobromine affects the nervous system and the heart rate. If ingested by a dog, it will make the dog restless, its muscles might twitch, it could even get as bad as hyperthermia, coma, and death. Giving your dog alcohol has the same affect on dogs as it does on humans. Also, don't give dogs people medicine. If your dog is hurt and is wining and crying, don't give it Tylenol or ibuprofen. If it is hurt really bad, take it to the vet where it can get treated properly. Tylenol is extremely toxic for your dog. Even though dogs are associated with bones, never give your dog cooked bones. Cooked bones will splinter in your dogs mouth and will not digest properly. As a general rule, keep the dog stuff with the dog, and keep the people stuff with the people. Both shouldn't interact with each other.


Keep your dog away from suspicious plants. In other words, if you don't know what the kind of plant your dog is chewing on, don't let it chew on it. There are lots of plants that are toxic to your dogs health. Amaryllis, daffodils, ivy, iris, and tulips can all be fatal to your dog if eaten. Ingesting these plants will most likely cause an upset stomach, but it could also lead to coma and death. Caladium, dieffenbachia and philodendron will irritate your dogs throat when it eats or drinks anything. Probably the most dangerous plants are foxglove, lily of the valley, larkspur, oleander, and hops. All but hops affect the cardiovascular system, making the heart stop working. Hops is really dangerous because even small quantities can make your dog really sick, causing malignant hyperthermia.

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