Incredible Helicopter Jumping Rescue Dogs

What’s even more amazing than lifeguard rescue dogs? Rescue dogs that jumps out of helicopters! As far fetched as this sounds, the Italian School of Water Rescue trains dogs to do this very thing. Ready to see these dogs in action?

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What It Takes

What makes these dogs so special? In short, 3 years of hard training. During this intensive training, they greatly increase their strength and stamina to the extent that one dog could pull a boat filled with 30 people. Pretty unbelievable? Jumping from helicopters to save drowning victims is no small task. To insure the safety of the victim—as well as the dog—these rescue dogs must not only be strong, but strong swimmers.

“A man is not a good man to me because he will feed me if I should be starving, or warm me if I should be freezing, or pull me out of a ditch if I should ever fall into one. I can find you a Newfoundland dog that will do as much.” —Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Although their website says they can train any breed of dog, they only accept dogs of at least medium build, and particularly favor Newfoundlands and Labradors. In addition, the dog must have a good temper, and be able to get along with other dogs.

The Newfoundland As A Rescue Dog

Newfoundlands are pretty much perfect for this kind of work. Their thick fur insulates them from the water, and protects them from getting chilled. Also, their big paws act like webbed feet, and propel them through the water—even over long distances. Newfoundlands are strong animals, and can easily pull a drowning victim to shore.

Awesome Video of These Dogs In Action

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